Lydia Joyner is an American author, filmmaker, speaker, life coach, spiritual advocate, workshop guru junkie, and mother. She uses her total background, individuals through crowds, to help you through the seat of human suffering. She rises with you with feelings of empathy, compassion, and brilliant inspiration to open you up to new perspectives on life. And most importantly she opens and contains a safe space to remind you who you truly are, and what you are here to do, with specialized immersive adventures, art techniques, and story-worlds. 

Teen 101 Educational Documentary Series Clip

Here is an inspirational clip of Lydia Joyner on a educational documentary series called "Teen 101" to tour schools.


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Dan D'or

Little Wild Thang Book Trailer

Roadtrip Nation Interview

As the roadtrippers embark on their personal journeys for a better way of life, along the way they find hope and inspiration from their interviews with Chris Gardner, author of The Pursuit of Happyness, Father Greg Boule, founder and executive director of the non-profit organization Homeboy Industries, filmmaker Lydia Joyner, and several others.

Click on photo for documentary and interview
Click on photo for documentary and interview

Roadtrip Nation Trailer

Little Wild Thang Book Excerpt: Mommy had Paranoid Schizophrenia

WMEL AM1060 Radio Interview with Jim Vautrot for Little Wild Thang!

Sunny Lane Book Trailer introducing Izzie and Eden

Washington Post Interview

WFIT 89.5 Radio Interview for Little Wild Thang!