Author Event

May 1st, 2016

Lydia attends the Oxford Exchange Author Event where she will be selling and signing Little Wild Thang!

Keynote Speaker First Coast Girl's Initiative

Lydia attends the First Coast Girl's Initiative as the keynote giving her "Girl to Woman" Living Diary Presentation. In this presentation Lydia tells her story from childhood to adulthood through diary entries, video files, and conversation. This speech includes subject matter of: rape, murder, suicide, poverty, prostitution, homelessness, inspiration, overcoming, healing, change, and solution.

Healing & Empowerment Girl's Retreat

February 14th, 2016

Lydia collaborates with Angela Oliver and her organization Smile for Budgie to work with Brevard Counties aging out foster youth on the beach for healing. Together they will empower the girls to use their voices, share their stories, meditate, dance, drum, craft, and sing the day away as they find themselves surrounded by love.

Keynote + Youth Workshop

February 11th/12th 2016 from 8-4pm at Brevard Family Partnership

Brevard Family Partnership will be hosting there yearly Trauma Informed Care and Positive Youth Development Summitt in Brevard County, Florida, Lydia will perform her inspirational Living Diary presentation that includes subject matter such as: surviving the streets, poverty, rape, murder, suicide, prostitution, abuse, identity crisis, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, foster care, and paranoid schizophrenia for awareness and change. 

For Youth Cafe, Lydia will workshop foster youth in empowering them to use their voice.


Brevard Family Partnership Website:


Hometown Book Launch

February 12th, 2016 from 6-10pm at The Chandlery 

For the past 18 years Lydia Joyner, a former foster youth, has held onto her foster care files, diaries, and childhood memories in a foot locker. After two years of intense writing, Lydia wrote part 1 of Little Wild Thang telling her story through her childhood documents in a coming of age diary. Come join Lydia for her hometown book launch where it all began. 


Little Wild Thang Website:

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