Life Coach & Spiritual Advocate

While working with clients Lydia has a wholesome approach to working with the most difficult of things in the body, spirit, and mind. She takes no excuses and helps you break through your fears gently, unless you need it more fully.

There is nothing that keeps Lydia from helping you achieve your wildest dreams. If you believe a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, you can achieve anything.

Sometimes we get blocked from unknown childhood fears or trauma, spiritual ailments, physical disabilities and pain. Whether you want to transform your body, take a private creative or healing workshop, or have life or spiritual counsel, Lydia has the right experience, necessary tools, and useable resources to help you get your body back to health along with your mind and soul in this chaotic, yet beautiful planet we exist within.

Please feel free to contact Lydia through phone, email, or website. Thank you deeply and completely. All fees are on a sliding scale, trade, donations, or sharing. Lydia turns no one away and can work or collaborate with you in person, on the phone, Skype, email, and beyond.

Take care and have a gorgeous day within the darkness, balancing it all out beautifully so you can live fully out loud and authentically, wholesomely wild.